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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yasmine's 1st Birthday 2007

My daughter, Yasmine's, first Birthday was a great baking experience for me, as I set my mind into making the best pastries and cake I could for my lovely princess.
I invited many friends and everyone had fun; It was a special day for Princess Yasmine; I could see hapiness in her eyes.

Look at this splendid variety of home made Moroccan cookies

And more cookies...
Yummy in the tummy...
Here comes the masterpiece of the party....
Et voila !!
Themed with a cute coloreful caterpillar bearing Yasmine's name
The caterpillar is joyfully crawling over green grass. (Thank you Hanaa for the Mascara:))

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HanaĆ¢ said...

That was fun! I remember that. Everybody was happy, including Yasmine, the princess, with all those delicious treats. Too bad we didn't take pictures of all the yummy food you made. To name a few: pasta, egg rolls, pizza, salad. A feast for kings and queens. AND princesses, of course :o)