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Friday, May 7, 2010

Yasmine's Official B'Day Cake (Princess Castle Cake)

Like I promised, here I am posting Yasmine's Official 2010 Princess Castle Cake. Assembling the cake was a bit challenging, but I made it.
All the decorations apart from the kit were 100% home made marzipan, given we are an almond-lover family; I sandwiched the cake with my favorite White Chocolate Mousse, that I discovered chez Hanaa and loved when I tasted the Chocolate Apricot Roll with Lacquer Glaze, another HCB favorite.
The white outer frosting layer is made of whipping cream, cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla & almond flavoring. the cake itself is a three 15'' by 11'' carrot cake, adapted from Sweet Melissa's book.
Enjoy pictures..!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ABC- Mocha-Almond O'Marble Cake

This is our (myself and Hanaa) third ABC entry, and so far I have been enjoying every recipe I made in our new baking club from our Flo Braker's splendid book: Baking for all Occasions.

 My adapted usual marble cake has always been a family Moroccan recipe requiring the use of oil in lieu of butter, yogurt in lieu of milk. It has always been a hit in my family.
When I picked this recipe, I furthermore wanted to compare and contrast my adapted and Flo Braker's recipe only to realize that both recipes are winners with all their specific components.
I dug on the net to find this great recipe here