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Monday, February 22, 2010

Free choice week: Classic Carrot Cake

I chose the classic carrot cake this week for one main reason: My kids love carrot cake, and it's healthier for them too..
This is my third time making this cake; I'm sure I'll make over and over.
I like the fact that this recipe requires using oil in lieu of butter, this keeps the cake moist either cold or at room temperature.

I messed up little bit (if not a lot) when I poured almost the whole batter in one 9" round pan instead of two 9" pans; when I realized that, I scooped some of the batter back into the kitchenaid bowl. I still recognize that I poured too much batter in one pan though. The result was a denser cake compared with the previous ones I made. The removed batter was devided into cupcake liners and baked along with the round cake. I liked the cupcakes better as they were much fluffier and lighter.

See the cake when sliced, I wasn't happy with its density
One of the things I loved when I made the cake is the fact that I sprinkled it with ground cinnamon on the top, giving it a richer color and taste (my friend Hanaa called it: marble effect:))

oh!! did I mention that I completely forgot to add cinnamon to the batter, so sprinkling it on the top instead was the ultimate compensation

Note how the cupcakes turned out lighter and fluffier, I wish I baked the whole batter into cupcakes

In overall my carrot cake was tasty as I added orange zest to the batter (adapted from Hanaa's idea), I used cream cheese and cool whip for frosting, flavored with orange zest and cinnamon ( YES!! CINNAMON AGAIN)
My whole family liked the taste of the cake. Can't ask for more...:)


Monica said...

Ohhh, I like that tip of the orange zest.. when I make this cake I'm going to totally steal it.

It looks yummy to me.. and I'm seriously thinking I have to start to work in my piping skills... everyone has me beat!

Lois B said...

I love the look of the cinnamon on the frosting!

Nancy B said...

Oh, yes, the orange zest sounds great. I'll remember that!

Vicki said...

I'm marking this one to definitely make after seeing your's. It sounds so good with the orange and extra cinnamon.

faithy, the baker said...

Yummy! I remembered i love the carrot cake as well! Love your frosted cake! :)

Virginia Taylors said...

Your cake is beautiful!

HanaĆ¢ said...

Thanks for sharing some of the cake, Wafae. I agree that the cake was a bit dense and not as fluffy as usual, but the flavor was still great. The orange flavor really came through in the cake. I also liked the cinnamon boost from the cinnamon sprinkle on top of the frosting. Great idea (we might have to make that our new "standard", ha ha)!!

Nicola said...

Wow, that is a lot of cinnamon!

Pretty looking cake and a good tip on the cupcakes.