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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pain D' Epice

 I suggested this bread recipe as an opening of our ABC Project, first because I wanted to break the rule of having to start with making a cake; and second for the richness of its aroma. While baking, the oven released a fantastic smell.
It really was a breeze assembling the ingredients. However,I sensed that the amount of flour was too much for one loaf of bread. I insisted that the recipe should stay as is especially I've never made this type of  "Sans Yeast Bread". the only minor change I did  was subtracting 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and adding the same amount of baking powder, (and that based on a prior experience when I used too much baking soda in one of the online recipes I made, and it tasted awful...Uhgg!!)

The batter was very stiff to the point I could hardly scrape it off the mixing bowl. Hmm...!
Looking good so far..!

Still looking good ..

ahhaaa!! even though I added 10 minutes to its suggested time (I also covered with alumnium foil to prevent any further browning)
the bread was still not done.
Also, I couldn't cut perfect slices.

Impressions about Pain d'epice:
The taste was great, it was even ideal when spreaded with butter.
The bread turned out really dense and dry, considering the amount of flour used; perhaps this is normal for this type of bread, I'm just not used to it.
I will definitely consider using this bread again, but I will consider using more fluids and using less flour. We'll see how it will turn out...

Thanks for looking...feel free to join The ABC of the Month, and stay tuned for more monthly pickups...

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Hanaâ said...

High-five, my fellow ABC-ers! :o) We did it! Our first ABC posting. Despite the dryness issue, your bread tasted great, which is what prompted me to make a few changes. I ended up using 13.5oz of honey (instead of 12oz) and a total of 14.5oz of milk (instead of 8oz water + 2 oz of butter).

As you know, I made another version last Sunday where I increased the liquids even more. It was definitely more moist but strangely, it wasn't as soft. So I'm sticking with version #2 for now :o)