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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yasmine's Mini-Birthday White Velvet Cupcakes

Yasmine has been impatiently waiting for her birthday; but since her birthday fell on a weekday, I decided to arrange a mini celebration with just me, the kids and my close friend Hanaa. (Hubby couldn't attend neither since he's out of town :( )
The official birthday party is postponed to the first Saturday of the month of April Inshallah to fit all my guests' schedules. So stay tuned for another birthday cake...

Now, since Yasmine is into princess a lot. I decided to create mini princesses cakes made of stacked cupcakes and decorated with pink frosting, I'll let you discover it on your own...see more pictures below!

I used white velvet cupcake recipe from HCB, with the minor change of  subbing 1.6 oz of oil with 2 oz of butter
The cupcakes came out with great flavor, I baked them in both 12 cupcakes and mini cupcakes liners, so as I can stack them, and insert a princess pick right on top

Asian princess(on the back) waiting for her turn to get dressed.
Princesses enjoying an early spring day... I know, I know Asian princess, I didn't forget about you!!
Finally dressed! Asian princess seems to enjoy her pink outfit.
the dresses were decorated with white rosettes (See the pink dot in the middle ??!)

As a final touch, I added white ribbon around the princesses'waists. Can you see it..?
I wish I did something with the hair, as it looked a little messed up:).


Hanaâ said...

The doll cakes were very impressive, Wafae, and they turned out great. Kudos on decorating them so beautifully. The white velvet cupcakes were indeed very tasty. Thanks again for having me over. I had a great time :o)

Azure said...

Gorgeous! That is a lot of piping. My girls would love this too.