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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ABC- Mocha-Almond O'Marble Cake

This is our (myself and Hanaa) third ABC entry, and so far I have been enjoying every recipe I made in our new baking club from our Flo Braker's splendid book: Baking for all Occasions.

 My adapted usual marble cake has always been a family Moroccan recipe requiring the use of oil in lieu of butter, yogurt in lieu of milk. It has always been a hit in my family.
When I picked this recipe, I furthermore wanted to compare and contrast my adapted and Flo Braker's recipe only to realize that both recipes are winners with all their specific components.
I dug on the net to find this great recipe here
I baked mine in a bundt pan, some of it got stuck to the pan (shortage of spraying pan error:)), but that was quickly covered with some sprinkled powdered sugar; it looked great...

Although my MAO'M cake was to be given to a friend, I managed cutting a couple of slices (in hurry) at her house. 

Not perfectly sliced, but at least I possess an inside look picture of the cake. Yeh!!
The cake's texture was marvellous, it instantly melts in your mouth, and it tastes so goooooood!
Good job ABC team for another winner recipe!!! and Chaya! welcome to the club:)

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Vicki said...

Looks delicious!

Sweet and Savory said...

Came out beautifully.